Baking and management of real estate projects

Coordination and monitoring of real estate projects

We articulate and interrelate actions of:

Regulations, operational, financial, planning, administrative, social, evaluation, monitoring and monitoring from the prevention of generation to the final disposal of waste or hazardous waste.


  • The analysis of the land, solar, building, structure ...
  • Advice for the construction of companies or groups of owners
  • The coordination of technical and administrative aspects
  • The management and processing of urban projects and / or projects of any activity
  • The study and negotiation of the proposals of the different figures of the project
  • The management and processing of any license, both urban and administrative
  • The execution of works
  • The management of the compaales of the different inmubles
  • The coordination and management of the project of end of work and books of buildings
  • The management that guarantees that the properties have all the public services and necessary supplies according to current regulations.
  • The management of all the documentation of the end of work and delivery to the different relevant public bodies.
  • The technical advice for any preparation of document related to the registration of real estate, declaration of new work, etc.
  • The management of relevant documents and licenses for the final occupation of the property
  • The plan for marketing