Wealth management

Property maintenance

Management of incidents

In SH Serveis we manage any real estate asset, our “Facilities Managament” team is a specialist in the Hard Services and Soft Services area (In the Hard Services they ensure that everything works correctly in your property, that it is reliable, safe and that everything is as stipulates the law, the Soft Service is dedicated, for example, to manage the cleaning or contractors that are needed in said property) in this way you will get your assets are managed in an optimal and efficient way.

What is the Facilities Managament?

“The term Facilities Management is used to name the competent expert team that manages the real estate assets and their services in an effective and safe way”

Quality and efficiency

Comprehensive management of real estate assets


Application of security measures and technical reports

Supervision, control and completion of works

Housing adjustments and pathology repair

Application of safety and health measures

Demolitions, fences and clearings


  • Technical reports of the assets
  • Management and resolution of incidents
  • After-sales repairs
  • Interlocution with tenants
  • Registration and cadastral regularization of assets
  • Custody of keys
  • Periodic reviews of assets and situation reports
  • Maintenance of assets and their technical facilities
  • Cleaning of common and private spaces
  • Real estate surveillance
  • Management of service discharges and control of energy expenditure
  • Auxiliary services